Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Points Work?

Go here for information about our points system.

Is my account safe when I plug in?

Absolutely. 100% safe. We do not require access to social networks. All your doing is submitting your account username. Then our system quickly runs through your profile and grabs your avatar's URL (address). After we have your avatar, we plug it on our main board linked to your profile. We do not ask for your email address or password when using our service.

Does We Plug It post anything on my account when I plug in?

No. We do not have access to your account. This is a spam-free website with spam-free service.

None of the categories fit my acount. Where should I plug it?

We suggest the "Other" category for the time being. Feel free to recommend new categories by contacting us here. We will notify you once we list the new category.

I found a bug/error on What should I do?

We are still BETA testing while our site is open and active. Please report all found bugs and errors using the contact page.